Simmonds - Solution Needed, Solution Provided

We have decades of experience of working with a number of major automotive manufacturers to produce fastening solutions, cold forged and screw machined parts to their specific requirements. Below you will see three examples of customised solutions we have supplied into automotive industry.




Case Study 1


A world renowned car manufacturer was looking for a new brace supplier after the previous supplier withdrew from production as it could no longer meet the required price target using its hot forge process.

The braces are welded onto the engine brackets to hold the engine in place.

We saw the opportunity to meet the clients product and cost requirement by utilising our cold forging capability and engineering expertise.

After a few weeks of constant process analysis and development, we found the right method to produce the desired product and meet the specified price objectives. We did this by using sophisticated forging software to optimise the design of the product and also to increase the lifetime of the forging tool.

Our expertise also succeeded in reducing the products weight by 20% through the mechanical cold forging process - without affecting the performance of the product.

The client was so pleased with our solution that they are expanding the use of Simmonds cold forged braces across their product portfolio.