DHE Series

12 point nut - allowing very high torque control. Ideal for difficult reach applications


  • Lightweight - Thin walled nuts, takes less space
  • Very high resistance to loosening
  • Very high mechanical resistance 1100 MPA
  • Very high locking torque
  • Consistency of performance - Almost no locking torque scatter
  • Flanged - Ideal for thin sheet material
  • Temperature & Corrosion resistance - Operating temperature range between -40°C and 480°C, manufactured in CRES A286 Stainless Steel silver plated
  • Re-usability - Can be fastened and unfastened a minimum of 15 times without compromising minimum required performance

Popular Applications: Engine
Diameters: M4-M24
Materials: CRES A286 Stainless Steel / Alloy steel
Standard Coating: Silver plating

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DHE Series